Saturday, December 17, 2016

Prodigal Brunch Eggs finally back on overnight menu

Golden and firm, these brunch eggs rated well in the test kitchen experiment this morning.
Brunch eggs are an American standby for overnight guests. There's nothing like being able to prepare eggs, bacon, milk and sausage the night before, leave the concoction in the fridge, hopefully get a good night's sleep, then pop it in the oven and have it come out piping hot just in time for your awakening guests.
That was the idea a decade ago when newspaper executives Matt McMillan (Hutchinson) and Wayne Kasich (International Falls) stayed overnight with us before attending a Manager's Meeting the next morning in Red Wing.
Stands up to the finest in dinnerware.
Kathleen followed the recipe as usual, but this time the result was a minor catastrophe. Our guests were good sports, but the concoction just didn't congeal properly, didn't have the proper "egg loaf" feel to it. It was actually pretty bad. Whatever went wrong? For about 10 years the unreliable brunch eggs solution was abandoned as a candidate for an easy-to-fix group breakfast.
Until now. Kathleen thought about it and then wondered? Did she use 2%, our usual milk, instead of the richer whole milk? Could that make the difference? It would be nice to resurrect the old standby, but we needed to build our confidence first. An experiment was proposed, this time with whole milk to mix with the eggs and other ingredients. We'd make a half-batch in the test kitchen and enlist the aid of former grocery man and breakfast hound Joe Daly in making final judgments.
This morning, the classic oven-baked brunch eggs came out looking perfect. They sliced up into neat squares and held together until cut with a fork. Joe called in his congratulations, after downing his portion.
Redemption for the Brunch Eggs! We won't be opening a Bed and Breakfast anytime soon, but we're ready now. Matt and Wayne have been notified.

Executives Wayne and Matt at a breakfast in 2007. Note that this time Katie is serving waffles.
Nothing was mentioned about the previous Brunch Eggs surprise.
Such Gentlemen. Of course, it was a free breakfast. :)
Wayne is now retired, Matt is the Director of Newspapers at Forum Communications in Fargo.


Anonymous said...

It's one of those things when a tried and true recipe doesn't come out right; we all have that happen. it sure looks good, though, and I'm glad you got a good result again!

Having eggs for lunch...


Wayne said...

It was about that time period when we hosted a managers meeting in the Falls. You brought Kathleen and came a day early. I prepared a breakfast breaded egg bake and we were almost finished eating when I realized had forgot the sweet sauce to accompany the dish. MaryAnn reminds me occasionally.