Sunday, January 08, 2017

room with a view

here i am at united, across i=35 i can see the james
 j hill house and beyond that the st paul cathedral
you wouldd pay big bucks elsewhere for this. it's not extra here
i am on the eighth floor.

photos by kathleen


Lorlee Bartos said...

Sending you healing every morning.


Sosie said...

Ahhh nice. Beautiful. I guess this is an example of "Colateral Beauty!"

Anonymous said...

Not so sure about the underwear photos, but these are just dandy! I hope you are getting a well-deserved day off today, and it looks like the staff take pretty good care of you, along with your female family members. Still thinking of you every day, Stan.


Tom said...

Very nice!
You are in our thoughts, Stan.
S & T