Friday, March 03, 2017

Forty-pounder comes with a story

A big gash in the side of the yellowtail may have been made by a shark.
Reeling in another yellowtail near San Diego today, Hai felt the usual action on the end of the line. The 40-pounder fought valiantly, but then BAM, our fisherman felt a gigantic tug. . . and then nothing. The line went soft. Moments later he finished reeling the monster in. A quick inspection revealed a gaping hole in its side that set the ship's company to speculation. Was there a shark that took a swipe at the yellowtail on its way to Hai's net? Looks like it.
Whatever happened, there was enough fish left for Hai to win the Fish-of-the-Day pot. A lucky ship's captain got a $27 tip today.

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Sue Tegland said...

Looks like there was plenty of fish to spare. That must have been some experience. That is one for the books.