Friday, May 05, 2017

Power tools?

Occupational therapy. The right hand is the hardest because
it does so much. Strength is returning thanks to daily
work at the Dakotah. It's a gym where beautiful bodies are
built. And me.
Every spring for 15 years we have taken down the storms and screwed in the screens on our summer porch. The window boxes are filled with petunias and such and we sit back to admire the result of a few hours work. Today’s fabulous weather and optimistic forecast got us itching. Andrew said he’d do the heavy work, but got tied up on another job. 
What the heck, we said, let's go ahead. And so it was today, stroke be damned, that we got the porch done -- the earliest ever, May 5. And what’s more, we used a power tool to tighten the screws on the hinges so the plants can be watered. “Stay away from power tools,” therapists would rightly warn. We were slow, we were careful, we got ‘er done. Stan is eyeing a chainsaw now. :)


Sue Tegland said...

I'm sure that's a great feeling. Holding in screws and of course, the power drill/screwdriver is a good benchmark!
i can't work every day, due to still being recovering from the surgery, but I share the good feeling of PROGRESS!

Sandy said...

We look forward to checking out your handiwork when we get back to Abbey Point in a couple weeks. Reports of nice weather is encouraging.
S & T