Tuesday, May 23, 2017

You never know. . .

No. It's not Emily from years ago. Today Missy stopped by with some of her daycare kids and
this little sweetheart had her picture taken with the birthday girl. (May 24)
You know by now that when a man sits alone in the booth nearby and looks like he’s talking to himself, he’s probably just on a phone, doing the rude thing.


Today we were at our favorite rib place for Kathleen’s annual birthday slab. We were distracted by a gentleman, sitting alone, talking to himself. We looked for a phone, saw none.

Really. Turns out, our waiter later explained, the unfortunate customer comes in at exactly the same time each week and orders the same thing (two cokes, two plates of fries).

He’s a nice polite man, but sadly afflicted with Obsessive-compulsive behavior.

As we finished our birthday treats, we reminded ourselves how lucky we are.


Sue Tegland said...

Yes, Happy Birthday, Kathleen! Let's consider ourselves fortunate for what we have.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Katie!! =)

The Ranger

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kathleen! The little one looks happy to be with you.
Many thanks for all you have done for Stan recently. Linda

Anonymous said...

Thanks everybody. I did have a nice day. K