Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Birth Day and Abbey Point Night combine for nice evening out

That's a new birthday shirt he wore to Abbey Point night. New neighbors, Kitty and Stacey are to his left. 
A handy carrying case is included.
In a happy coincidence, Stan's birthday was on the same night that the neighbors gather each month -- the first Wednesday of the month. Earlier today during birthday week, Andrew presented an Impact Wrench and bits to the birthday boy. Just the thing for someone who already has a power screwdriver from a previous event. Please note that the driver matches the jacket and safety glasses. It was a nice birthday, more to come.
It's Birthday Week, ya know.

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Sue Tegland said...

Celebrate as long as you feel like it! Nice that you all get together each month, and especially nice it was your birthday.

We have cancelled all future social events, as most of the neighbors use the occasion to gang up on the Board, of which I am a member. I wish we all were as pleasant as yours seems to be.