Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Cast of characters gathers on the shores of Lake Agnes

Cast members insisted that host Charlie Olson be in the official photo, even if he didn't have a stick. That resulted in Roger Schultz (Stage Left as Judge Brack) being cut out totally, bald head, silver mustache, grin and all. Oh well, his lovely wife made it.
The event was a regular gathering of old thespians for a dramatic reading of Henrik Ibsen’s “Hedda Gabbler,” a lengthy but worthwhile play from the late 1800s. Stroke therapists told Stan to challenge himself with new things and this was certainly it for someone who hasn’t taken a part since Sir Joseph Porter of the “HMS Pinafore,” in eighth grade — unless you count being in the chorus in the 1967 Concordia College Production of  “Camelot,” with but one line (which was performed with perfection nightly): “There he is!” 
High School chum Betty Larson invited Stan to drive up and join the unnamed group of players to take the part of George Tesman, the boring husband of Hedda Gabler — Betty’s role, well played. Charlie and Mary hosted the group in their beautifully restored lodge on the shores of Lake Agnes in Alexandria, spreading a buffet luncheon for the reunion of former classmates and others with plenty to talk about.

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Sue Tegland said...

Oh, there you all are. I couldn't figure out which one was Betty, but she wasn't in the FB photo.
Sounds like a gratifying time.