Monday, July 03, 2017

Mrs. Columbo

We've been watching reruns of "Colombo," the detective who constantly references his wife during the show but we never actually see her. Andrew, left, does the same. He's been helping us on some projects and he often refers to his partner. We've heard so much about her over the months, but never met her so we took to calling her "Mrs. Columbo," and told Andrew that he didn't actually have a significant other, that she probably didn't exist... except in his imagination.
Well, yesterday Andrew put an end to all that when she drove out to the house for a chat and a bite. So, Mrs. Columbo exists! Nice meeting her at last.


Sue Tegland said...

Andrew must work his leg muscles! other than that, he looks like Robin Williams from this angle. Always nice to meet the other half.

Angel Marie Blu said...

Funny! Loved Columbo!
We're watching "Field of Dreams" now - Evon's dad lived in Chisholm, MN and went to Doc Graham- said he was quite the man & doctor.