Thursday, July 13, 2017


Wine center, left, -- puppets, ships and other hobby craft built on white area.
Therapy comes in many forms. Now that laptops and smaller devices are in vogue, we don't need the big computer room in the basement built in the days of the big XTs and their bulky support equipment. And besides, we had a real job back then.
Using materials from two walls that were torn out, we recycled the space into this hobby shop, complete with easy chair for the occasional rest. Stan did most of the work, with Andrew pitching in as needed.
Caitie, personal trainer at Dakotah
The space was built from "mungo" -- stuff that sits around the garage because it's too good to throw away. The painted area is the new bench made from mungo, the wine storage is not painted and was in the original room.
Stan spent a lot less time in the gym to get this project completed, but using a power driver, chop saw, hammer and climbing a ladder seems every bit as therapeutic. (Don't worry Caitie, he's coming back to the gym for more dumbbell and machine work.)
We continue to be grateful for Stan's stroke recovery.


Sosie said...

Hey "natural movement," that accompanied by focus and purpose, is always more therapeutic than repetitive, boring, forced movement, no matter how correct. Yeah, they say it is so. Everybody says it is so. I heard lots of people say it is so. So it is. So there. I tweeted that.

Becky Jerdee said...

Yep, natural walking requires more work than the treadmill that assists stepping. The variable surfaces of out-of-doors offer physical I have lots of shopping encounters, even if it's just a trip to the bottles/can recycling spot.