Saturday, July 21, 2018

Starting out close to the finish line

Newlyweds Kitty and Stacy
Race no. 5 at Canterbury Park was named after and run in honor of our good friends, Stacy and Kitty, celebrating their recent marriage today. We gathered in a cabana at the finish line for the festivities, attended by friends and family excited for the new couple’s future together. We got to know the couple a year ago, when they moved to a next-door villa at Abbey Point. We moved out shortly thereafter. The two events have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Also attending today were new friends Rick and LuAnn, the couple who bought our Abbey Point home. No complaints. Yet.
The Winner's Circle at their race today. Owners, trainers, jockeys together with some of Kitty and Stacy's guests.
Earlier, the kids got tours of the Paddock area.

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