Tuesday, February 19, 2019

We Finished the Wall!

It took just a week, and Hai got 'er done yesterday, completing the artwork for his sweetie's nail salon No. 2. I'm heading back to Minnesota Wednesday after a fun, productive visit using tools and ladders. Won't be as green there, I'm  told.

Meanwhile, an exotic fireplace and a water feature (earth, water, fire) goes in and before long the salon will open again for business, a one-of-a-kind in a crowded industry.

The earphones? They represent his other job, still troubleshooting the newspapers in Minnesota.


Sosie said...

Wow! Magnificent. I’m making an appt for my little stubby nails and I will wear a bicyclist’s dear view mirror so I don’t miss a minute.

Sue Tegland said...

The guy is sooo creative. And you make the ideal helper. Hope he doesn't run out of space to build more ideas and put them somewhere useful and pleasing.

rjerdee said...

As walls go, that's a WOW!

Unknown said...

Wow.Tell Hai great work.