Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Nice, new faucet and drain

Hotel California just got a new waterfall bathroom spigot, the first of its kind at the imaginary five-star hotel! We like it. The water falls softly out the spigot, no splashing. And the new popup drain will likely encourage us to fill the basin rather than just let the water run.

Spent the morning installing it. Got it delivered overnight from Amazon but had to wait days for delivery of the magic tool in order to install it. That part went really well. The drain install, not so much. That was a struggle, not getting the washers and nuts in right sequence etc. The drain came packed without instructions so it was installed blind, kind of trial and error under the sink, which is not a good place to be for a 72 year old. :) Or anyone, for that matter.

Unhappy about having no instructions included by the Chinese makers, I said so when the seller asked me for some feedback, as they often do on Amazon sites. I complained that inserting some English directions to the Chinese goods wouldn’t add that much cost. Trial and error is not a good installation technique. I submitted my requested feedback.

Anyway, Amazon’s artificial intelligence was right on the job. Within 15 minutes of my complaint, it replied by email. The email-answering robot didn’t offer me instructions. No, it said it would be glad to have an expert come out and install it for $150!

Interesting world, isn’t it?

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