Tuesday, April 13, 2010

After the storm, a late breakfast

Emily was up all night last night, comforting her mother during a nasty electrical storm that lit up her home in Eden Prairie as well as the surrounding region. So when Emily got to grandma and grandpa's this morning, it was straight to bed. She slept soundly, then rose as cheerful as ever. Above, grandma teaches today's lesson: jello doesn't just come in red and green. . . amazingly, you can get it in blue too! Snack time soon.
Yes, our Wednesday girl is here a day early this week. Grandma and grandpa are going to the Twins game tomorrow afternoon. Sunny with a chance of rain. . . maybe some thunder boomers for us too.

After breakfast (left) all the animals had a meeting.
"The dinosaur has tears in her eyes," Emily said.
"Oh my," said Grandpa. "Whatever happened?"
Without hesitation and with clear enunciation, Emily replied: "She was climbing and then she fell out of the frickin' tree!"

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Anonymous said...

Get out!! She really said Fricken? That's funny!! xo Jen