Monday, April 12, 2010

Mary checks in again. . .

Today we got a nice note from an old friend, Mary Scarvalone. She used to party with us in the 70s; now she's running a school in France. (That's her, at left, at her 2007 high school reunion) Last time she wrote us was in 2005. Her old pals were still sitting around and listening to tunes and partying at Stan's house. . . so we staged this photo and sent it to her by return email.

Five years later, Mary reports:

I'm still in France but moved a bit back from the coast and into deep Provence, where I've been working as the director of the French campus of the Savannah College of Art and Design. Lacoste is a wee perched village of about 40 year-round residents, including a handful of artists, a few supposedly harmless ghosts, and the fashion designer Pierre Cardin, who has made a rather controversial hobby out of buying up and restoring most of the old village houses. He is best loved -- or hated -- for turning the chateau of the Marquis de Sade at the top of the village into the venue for his annual summer performing arts festival. All in all, it's a very odd place to live, but the work keeps me so busy that I don't have much time to think about it.

A very interesting, productive life, it would seem. Don't have much to report back. Everybody in the photo above is still fine. We don't party as much any more, but keep listening to tunes. Randy quit smoking, and Stan is still the shortest of the bunch. That's about it from here, Mary.

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