Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lasagna, then Australia

Our neighbors, Joe and Mina, returned recently from a trip through Australia and New Zealand. Mina bought herself a spiffy digital camera and brought back a trove of trip photos. These she neatly organized into a traditional album of actual photographs, labeled and indexed. Thursday, John and Mary hosted the neighbors for dinner, wine and a travelogue. We enjoyed the lasagna, the company, the photos and a bonus: Neighbors Tom and Sandy, a bit more high-tech, brought along a CD with photos of their recent trip to the Holy Land. Tom fired this up on his lap top and we adjourned to the living room sectional for a musical sojourn through Jerusalem and Jordan. And then, as an added back to the 70s treat, actual 8 mm movies of Tom and Sandy's wedding. Sandy hasn't changed a bit. And Tom's double-knits looked very durable.
As they say, "A Good Time Was Had By All."

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