Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Finally, a chance to do this . . .

It's been almost 30 years since Twins fans were caught in a shower. Today's on-again off-again rain didn't ever stop the game, just slowed it. . . they had to rework the mound midway, scooping the muck out and installing dry dirt.
All that rain was just fine with Stan. He had been seated next to what must have been the largest man in the ballpark and when the rain came, the big guy split, as did everyone else in Row 25, Section 102. Except Stan, who was grateful for the elbow room and a peaceful moment.
It was a noisy, sellout crowd, long lines for everything from a steak sandwich to a men's room visit. We took the I-394 Express Bus right to our gate. That was very smooth sailing. . . once we found the correct park and ride lot. (That took four attempts and nine minutes of music on hold.)
 Better luck next time for us, and for the Twins, who lost 6-3.

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