Friday, May 21, 2010


She arrived on the midnight plane from California this morning, enjoyed a breakfast while watching the ponies exercise at the racetrack, shopped some sundries at the Party Warehouse and is now buried deep in the family archives she spread out on Katie's basement poker table, sorting and categorizing a couple of bins worth of family history. Then it is off to Punch Pizza in Eden Prairie for a laid-back early dinner with Virg, Becky Lynn, Cherice and Lacey. Yes, Sister Sosie is in town and there's plenty to do. Tomorrow we pick up Mom's 90th Birthday Cakes at the Woulet Bakery so that bright and early on Sunday morning we can deliver them to Shalom Lutheran Church in Alexandria to feed the multitude of celebrants.
Because we've done a careful headcount and coordinated diligently with genuine church ladies, we shouldn't need a loaves and fishes miracle to satisfy the masses between Sunday's services. But just in case, please remember us in your prayers.

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