Monday, May 27, 2013

He announced war's end. . .

Stan's Fort Hood Army Buddy was ordered to Vietnam about the time Stan had left Texas to go home in February 1972. Recently (Thanks to Google) Stan reconnected with his friend and learned that he served as an Armed Forces Vietnam (AFVN) news anchor on the Saigon television station that served the troops fighting there. (Think Robin Williams on "Good Morning Vietnam.")
He had the distinction of announcing the cessation of hostilities on military television, which eventually brought to a close a ten-year struggle that so profoundly affected so many young lives.
Here is a copy of the half-hour news broadcast, leading with the historic announcement. If you have some time, it is very interesting, filled with the news of the day, much of it taken from network television sources. The technology appears crude, graphics are primitive, but it is a priceless window into a moment in time, and a record of human sacrifice never truly appreciated.
Our thanks to Robert C. Morecook for preserving it and sending us the link.

 Bob's now 66, a professor of Psychology (GI Bill) in Houston and a volunteer with the Texas militia, mostly doing work during disasters, hurricanes. He's been married 22 years with four daughters (one step, one adopted, two foster).
A good man.

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Anonymous said...

Stan Rolfsrud set the mood at the public info office, 13th support brigade, fort hood texas. He was good humored AND competent! A rare and wonderful combination. I was lucky to have him as a first Army buddy there and to have him show me the ropes [and the typewriter too] :-) :-)