Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nearing the finish line. . .

Is the cold on the left or the right?
Depends on if you're in the tub or out.
John had us decide that one.
Cool, clear, water at last.
Two licensed plumbers were bent over and hard at it today finishing up our upgrade in the master bathroom, but the only plumber's crack there was the occasional wise one.
Barry and John (John the Plumber?) installed three new faucets and tuned up two leaky ones elsewhere while they were at it . . . and Barry even whistled while he worked.
The two leaky faucets needed new Delta cartridges. Barry salvaged two hardly-used ones from the tub in the master that we rarely use, but will be getting a new matching fixture anyway.
Barry magnanimously showed the homeowner how he could replace the next leaky cartridges himself ("nothing to it," says he) but Stan still has his doubts after watching the procedure.
The ceramic guy will be here tomorrow to finish the border trim and backsplash, but we don't care. . . we'll be using the new sinks tonight. It has been a long time coming.
Then Edy comes back to touch up his paint job, and we'll have a party.

Barry, tools laid neatly beside him,
kept his tee-shirt properly tucked as well.
We're sure his work reflects this attention
to detail and organization.

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Tom said...

Yeah! Does this mean all the noise on the other side of our bathroom wall will be coming to an end? :) :)