Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gone native

A little sunshine goes a long way after a season-long drenching. Exotic and colorful rose hybrids and teas, discarded here long ago, have taken firm root on the pond bank. Their commercially grafted branches are gone so the plants have reverted to their native untended state, producing this perennial display of wild red roses for us to enjoy. They now thrive without care, hidden from public view by a huge Black Hills Spruce.


Anonymous said...

Yours look much better than what we see here of rootstock roses. Ours are Ragged Robin, and look pretty straggly. Yours are robust--waiting sometimes does help the blooms, though. And these just look a bit different than the stuff we see.

From SSue

Lorlee Bartos said...

I had a peace rose that died and I ended up digging up the root stock about 5 times and replanting it. From my research it is probably Ragged Robin -- I planted it on the highway fence where it is thriving. Though I wish I had the lovely red color you have.