Monday, June 24, 2013

Grandpa Paul Brown

Cousin Faith writes from Texas:
Greetings to you both on this summer day.
I made my grandson a copy of the attached photo that I found of my grandpa, Paul Manley Brown. He is the short one next to the coach! If I remember correctly, he was shorter than Grandma Brown (Jessie) who was about 5' 8". Picture was made in Champaign, IL. Thought this might interest you too.

Paul Brown (Stan's grandfather) graduated from the University of Illinois in 1906. Then he set out by horse and buggy from Aberdeen, SD. with his cousin Frank Brown. They crossed the Missouri (at Everts?) and followed the rail trail.
The bridge over the Missouri River at Mobridge was not completed until 1907 after which the train could come to Hettinger, North Dakota, and westward. On their trip, Paul Brown stopped in Bison and made arrangements to establish an abstract office. From there he went north to Hettinger and built a temporary office. 1907 saw the influx of homesteaders and he became a locater--he aided the homesteaders in identifying their land and filing the necessary papers. His business was firmly established by 1908.

Paul Brown married Jessie Wendelken May 7, 1908 and settled in Hettinger.

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Sosie said...

I read this to Mom (daughter of Paul and Jesse) and she verified that Faith is correct, Paul was shorter than Jesse. "We deplored that shortness," Mom said. I reminded her that I inherited all the shortness genes for our family and we laughed. We enjoyed a read of the story and I remembered that I have the Turkish coffee set the newlyweds bought on their honeymoon to New York.