Sunday, June 23, 2013

Storm art

Photos by Michelle Loeffler
Roommates Dan and Steve are fine. Tucked safely in their 10th Floor Aerie, they watched Saturday morning's violent storm raise havoc beneath them on the debris-strewn streets of Minneapolis. Meanwhile, upstairs on the 14th Floor party plaza, the unruly, uninvited guest was throwing chairs around, creating this somewhat artsy window rendering.
Xcel Energy reports that this weekend's power outage is the state's worst ever, with over a half million homes without power at the outset.
"If we can get any kind of break from Mother Nature tomorrow. . . we can put a serious dent in the last 112,000," the earnest spokesman promised. We listened with a bit of pride to every word the power company spokesman was saying, not because it is all that interesting, but because it came directly from Tom Hoen, Stan's former employee, golf partner and long-time sports editor at the Chaska Herald.

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