Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Graduate celebrates with family and friends

Photos by Beate Heide
Maxwell's Mom and Aunts
Missy, Marcy, Jennifer and Max
Last night violent storms toppled trees, shut off power, cut the internet and generally made a mess of things, but the organizers of Maxwell Harrison Hien Ho Tong's graduation party persevered through the chaos. By this afternoon near perfection had returned to John and Kim's back yard near Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis. (Max's Aunt and Uncle.)
Grandma, Dad and Max
at the buffet
Max with his cousin Jade
The traffic lights were out on the way there and we worried about refrigeration, but Maxwell's caterers had an emergency generator so all was in order. A huge tree had uprooted in a neighbor's front yard last night, but now an orderly display of international flags fluttered in a gentle breeze at Max's party.
About a hundred guests wished a gracious Maxwell good luck in his future endeavors. . . and deposited cash and gifts with him as well.
A couple of Rolfsruds drove from Mankato, but the award for the farthest journey went, of course, to Unni and Beate, visiting from Norway, and enjoying this cultural event as well as the ample buffet with Asian treats and homemade confections.
Mr. Party was there too.
Midway through the party electricity was restored to the neighborhood, turning the air conditioning back on and triggering a raucous burglar alarm nearby, as though to notify everyone that things will be getting back to normal soon.

Hostess Kim An (center) greeted guests outside her
beautiful Minneapolis home.

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Great Aunt Sosie said...

How kind of Mother Nature to make this high school graduation party a memorable event. It shall not be easily forgotten as so many are. Congratulations to more than the graduate for their amazing teamwork in getting the party on!