Saturday, June 08, 2013

Making music hot, hot, hot -- now it's not

Before. Air conditioning in bedroom only. Hot times in the closet.
The temperature kept rising in Steve's music studio, and not from the hot licks and fevered pitch. Multiple heat sources in the little room made composing sort of an athletic event, with Steve claiming to have lost weight since he began working in there a month or so ago. Computers, an electric piano, a plasma monitor and other devices kept it toasty for the sweating composer wilting in short sleeves and cut-offs, trying to meet deadlines. (Click here to hear the theme of his current movie project.)
There's always been plenty of air-conditioning available in the Midtown loft, but the architect figured it would be unnecessary to cool the walk-in closet, obviously not figuring that one day it would be converted to a composer's work room.
That oversight was remedied today by Steve's uncle using about $35 worth of sheet metal, a sawzall and a big bag of self-tapping screws.
After. Six-inch duct pipes cool air through the wall,  into adjacent closet.
Our composer can now wear a tie to work.

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Anonymous said...

Looks professional, Steve's uncle. You take the cake.

from SSue