Sunday, June 09, 2013

Hey Dan! Do you know about this?

Photos by Katie Rolfsrud
This trolley shuttles between Canterbury and Mystic on Race Days.
(Sorry, Dan. We checked. There's no free trolley to Mickey's Diner.)
Ever since the wealthy tribe running Mystic Lake sweetened the purses in a big deal with nearby Canterbury Park, things have been looking up at the track. The barns are full, the parking lots are full and the horses are running faster, albeit often in the mud.
The latest wrinkle is a free shuttle connecting the casino to the horse track.
This innovation will not appeal to all, but we think it is something our dear older brother Dan should examine. Presently our non-driver occasionally takes the free bus to Mystic Lake for some risky business, slots and lunch. Now he can just transfer to the red trolley to Canterbury and watch the ponies like a true gentleman of leisure. Clanging slot machines just don't have the same cachet as perusing the Daily Racing Form, before a thoughtful stroll around the paddock, then a dignified transaction at the betting window.
Trouble is, now that Dan has an iPad loaded with games of chance (thanks to his geeky roommate), he has significantly less leisure time, so we don't know if he'll be trolleying to Canterbury any time soon.

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