Thursday, July 25, 2013

A dream come true for sidewalk superintendents

Excitement reached an all time high on Abbey Point this morning as millions of dollars in trucks and equipment rumbled into place, ready to strip bare the failing driveways -- known locally as The Tarmac ---- and replace them with fresh new blacktop.
Late sleepers had been warned.
Garages will be inaccessible for two days, so residents took the project manager's advice and parked down the road, at the ready to run out for a loaf of bread or some other equally important errand, but also vulnerable to errant drives from No. 14 tee. Risky, but worth it.
Daily routines have been disrupted for the entire community, but the reward will be a fresh, smooth surface, suitable for vehicular traffic . . . and hosting impromptu cocktail parties.
Note to Stan's sister Becky, editor of the Good Riddance blog, at right: All the bituminous harvested today is being recycled. Neighborhood wiremen say that older blacktop material is prized by recyclers for its enhanced oil content. Black gold, as it were.

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Anonymous said...

In May, we had our entire asphalt paving redone, and no cars were allowed in or out for a week. There is no off-site parking except for a bit of street, and everyone scrambled for that. my car stayed corraled in the garage and we used K's for everything. But that wasn't too bad--one guy had his motorcycle and car towed and hasn't gotten them back yet--thinks we should pay. I hope your efforts there don't engender any hard feelings amongst the residents.