Friday, July 26, 2013

There's nothing like the smell of asphalt in the morning!

Day two of the Abbey Point redo.
Asphalt goes down this morning under the watchful eyes of the Abbey Point inspection and protection team, led by Association President and Project Manager Bud O., with his fresh cup at the ready. We'll be driving on the new surface tonight, he says, but no parking on it for a week.
Thanks for all you do, Bud.
"There's nothing like the smell of asphalt in the morning," he quipped.

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Anonymous said...

This looks ALL TOO familiar! As Sue said, we just had a similar paving project at our condominiums.

Sue was too modest to tell you, but she is filling the same role as your friend Bud O. She is a board member and the de facto project manager for an extensive project to repair decks and siding.

Karl Tegland