Friday, July 26, 2013

Twine-cutting marks grand opening of new driveways

After his masterful execution of the Abbey Point driveway redo operation, Association President Bud Osmundson snipped the Grand Opening twine at exactly 9 p.m. tonight, allowing residents to garage their cars safely for the night. The repaving project came in on time and on budget. . . so much so that there was nothing in the treasury to purchase a red silk ribbon for tonight's ceremony.
Did we mention that Jeff shot a 41 at
WatersEdge today? Here he is with his much younger
sister, visiting this week from Bonita Springs, Florida.
They have a summer place in Wisconsin.
Residents appeared pleased with the results of the two-day project, and some of them gathered to enjoy an impromptu exchange on a cool Septemberish evening, so cool that mosquitoes didn't show and only a few hearties dared to wear short pants.
Bud led the parade of autos into their respective berths, closing what could be the most exciting chapter yet in the history of this young community.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! What excitement! This has to be the lead event in your Christmas letter so far this year!

The Ranger