Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Eddy's back!

This was supposed to be Stan's job. Scraping, priming and painting the pergola and the screen porch windows. We left the flower boxes off the porch windows this spring so we could get to the frames for a nice coat of white. That was two months ago, there hasn't been three dry days in a row since. And then there was the sod that needs to be laid in the back yard. You can't get sod until the farm dries out.
So when we got predictions for five dry days in a row, everything came together at once and we sprang in to action. . . and called Eddy. He just happened to be available between jobs and came and made quick work (two part days) of the scraping and painting and now it looks great. (Readers may remember that Eddy did our bath and bedroom this spring.)
Meanwhile, the dirty sod job was still all Stan's job. He got that done early this morning, green side up, and got a compliment from the neighbor too.
Tee time tomorrow at 10.
We weren't around when Eddy did the curvy part of the pergola that
extends forward over the edge of the deck, so we have absolutely no idea
how he did it. 

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Lorlee Bartos said...

interesting -- if you don't know how he accomplished it, one wonders how you were going to. I have reached the point where I figure it is better to hire someone who knows what they are doing than for me to make a mess of things. My Eddie is named Huston who can do any kind of carpentry and painting that I need done.