Thursday, August 29, 2013

Condolences to Bill Shearer

Our brother-in-law Bill Shearer lost his Aunt Marilyn last night to heart complications.
Bill will fly from San Francisco to Marysville, Ohio, today to handle arrangements. Aunt Marilyn had a lifetime career as a journalist for the Holmes County Hub in the Amish country in Ohio, and retired to the historic Shearer family home in Marysville.
She was 84. Our thoughts are with Bill, son Zachary, (the last of the Shearer line) and Solveig --- who is presently staying with us, as we reminisce about Aunt Marilyn, an interesting and accomplished woman.
Below is the family home in Marysville, which was built by the Shearers in 1895, and has never been sold. We'll post Aunt Marilyn's obituary when it becomes available.

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