Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Joe and Mina's famous "Salmon to Share" event

Grillmeister Greg with Fish Finders, Joe and Mina
Meanwhile on the porch, host Tom watches John pull on a beer.
Abbey Point food lovers gathered tonight to feast on Joe and Mina's fourth annual Lake Michigan salmon catch.
Deb and Paula gnosh in hostess Sandy's kitchen.
This year's hosts were Tom and Sandy Story. Their gracious hospitality set the stage for an evening of fun and feasting featuring four varieties of salmon finishes, offered by volunteer cooks slaving diligently on a heated tarmac over hot grills, just to please the palates of their discerning neighbors.
These combined labors produced an enjoyable evening for a grateful community, and earned plaudits and commendations in a stand up toast offered by Head Fisherman Mina Daly, the one Joe claims to have boated the Big One.
(A poster proving Mina's prowess was displayed prominently in the foyer.)
The generous salmon platters were accompanied by a plethora of appetizers, side salads, (a caesar,  a ramen, a wild rice and a broccoli), cheesey potatoes, and of course, desserts. -- key lime pie, chocolate loaf cake, and carmel tres leches.
It was agreed by acclamation that this annual event should continue indefinitely. Happily, Joe and Mina appear willing.

Table One
Wes, Shirley, Duane, Jane, Lisa, Carla

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