Sunday, August 18, 2013

Every mother's dream. . .

The motorcycle is bigger than it looks. Wayne is 6'5".
As the perfect summer day faded over the opening round of the Renaissance Festival, Jennifer, and her pal, Wayne, headed from there to her parent's house to chat before their night ride home to Northfield.
We think it is important to have a large motorcycle parked prominently in your driveway from time to time, just to put the neighbors on notice that we might be a bit wilder and crazier than they think.
The short visit on the screen porch gave us a chance to meet and get to know Wayne, a very charming, interesting and refined gentleman. . .  in jeans and leather. Wayne moved to Northfield about the time Jennifer got her job in the grocery and that's where they met. They've been buds since.
But Jennifer had to go to work in the morning, so our visit was kept short. Pity. Shortly after they rumbled through the neighborhood, heading south, the empty porch faced an amazing fireworks display that went on for half an hour. The Mdewakanton Sioux were having a Pow Wow, making a fitting finale to a gorgeous day.

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