Monday, August 19, 2013

Minnesota State Fair bound!

Fun-seekers Bev and Benita
It's never too late to strike an item off your bucket list.
Beverly has never attended the Great Minnesota Get-together, The State Fair. After a 93 year wait, on Monday she'll motor on over to St. Paul in a carload of girls, (Jill, Marcia and Benita) for Senior Day at the fair. There will be no Tilt-a-Whirls, we're told, but they're already planning on gorging themselves.
For her part, Benita has been to the State Fair many times, but prefers the Renaissance Festival. (No Jill, forget that. Sheesh. The Renaissance is definitely not on Mom's bucket list, we're sure. ... although the popovers with melted honey butter are unforgettable.)
Benita teased the rookie: "Hey Beverly, what's the difference between a Pronto Pup and a Corn Dog?"
The excitement builds.
If you want to get into the mood, click on this little video we made of our 2008 visit to the Fair.


Anonymous said...

Not watching the video as we are not going to dilute our own fun as we head for Senior Day at our fair on Friday!!

Sosie said...

Those girls are too cute! Yup, its never too late for a good time. You go Mom! Careful, Benita, easy on the Fair Food. Mom's a beginner, you know. Half portions on the deep-fried Milky Way bars in Twinkie crumbs, please.

Becky Jerdee said...

Nice picture of the girls!