Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hey Look! Kathleen's at The State Fair!

Where's Kathleen in the audience? Look above Pat Evans in the photo. She's peeking out over the center of Pat's head. She dropped by the KARE11 Barn today to see the Midday show, which included a compelling interview with a vendor who makes bacon and candy cannolis (photo at right ) and another in-depth interview with the inventor of the "new" sausage and pancake breakfast on a stick with a syrup cup.

Art Barn favorite. Welded stone and steel.

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Anonymous said...

Kathleen, even tho you are a star, you can tell Stan it's cannoli, and the plural is cannolis. But when bacon is involved, all bets are off--they can spell it how they want. Good Lord, what else will come with bacon~~~