Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Knee deep in our plumbing

John the Plumber
Construction update:
John and Jerry finished the laundry rough-in at 3:30 today, leaving a note and a pressurized gas line for the inspector, who will be here tomorrow at 9.
Aaron the Nephew
We think John the Plumber reminds us a lot of our sweet nephew, Aaron.  Maybe it's just his polite, unassuming manner, but we both had the idea.
Tom, our wise neighbor, says he was told by a plumber relative that plumbing is easy. You just remember three things: that the hot is on the left, water runs down hill, and don't ever chew your fingernails.
John and Jerry had heard that old joke before, but chuckled anyway, and added their own version. They'll be back next week for final hookup.


Anonymous said...

I lOVE new plumbing; it makes me feel safe. Had enough scrapes with old/mysterious plumbing that the new always is comforting.

Anonymous said...

From SSue