Saturday, August 03, 2013

Perfect August afternoon for a party

She likes it!
Laurie got a planter for her porch in Prior Lake.
 Absolutely perfect weather for a party on the porch made for a great afternoon get-together with Hai and Laurie today, on Laurie's special day.
Hai delivered the Edelweiss cake and enjoyed dinner with us and took some dandy party pictures with the new super smart camera he bought for Stan.
Meanwhile, Birdie watched the dinner table for an opportunity at an unguarded butter dish, but we're on to her now and she's disappointed. Laurie dogsits for us, and she was disappointed last week when our planned trip to see the tall ships in Duluth fell through. Maybe next year.
An afternoon of chatting reviewed the best stories about the newspaper company hijinks, and a confession from Laurie that she had never heard of one of our favorite tv quiz programs, Cash Cab. So we went into great detail about how that worked and then dreamed up a game we could play with old company records. . . that will never happen.
Old friends, good memories, good times.

Birdie's favorite dog sitter had to fuss
 about Birde's bad peg.

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