Saturday, August 03, 2013

Stirring things up at Grandma and Grandpa's

Let's see. If we bake 10 muffins and we each eat two of them,
how many will be left over?
There's a handful of extra love in the muffins this morning. We keep frozen blueberries for daily smoothies handy, so when we have breakfast muffins and milk on special occasions, the batter gets an extra boost. Emily slept over so her Mom could celebrate a friend's birthday.
Missy's been working out -- and it shows (photo at right). "See what one hour exercising, six days a week will do?" she said with a grin as she departed for her Big Night Out.
Shortly after Mom left, the perfectly smooth, brand new tarmac surface was given a thorough scooter test.
Our Association President, Bud Oz, will be pleased to learn that all his hard work was well worth the effort.
Scooter-worthy. Much better than the bumpety old street.

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