Saturday, August 17, 2013

Smooth. . .

We worked the swings hard this morning at Huber Park, Emily noting that Grandpa's swing squealed a lot louder than hers did. She thoughtfully allowed that that was probably because Grandpa is heavier than she is.
"It sounds like the swings are crying," she observed.
We made friends with Kailey from Austin, visiting her Aunt in Shakopee. Kailey pointed out that Emily's Grandpa had silver in his mouth. She quickly added that she knew why that was and that she didn't have any cavities.
Morning appetites whetted, first thing Emmy Kay asked for was a SMOOTHIE! We proudly complied as she requested carrots and that green stuff to go along with the blueberries and strawberries. It's just Grandpa and Emily today. Grandma is at the vet's office with Birdie again, so we don't have enough hands for Go Fish just yet.
There's always the possibility of an Afternoon Tea, of course.
Mr. Duck and Timothy Turtle got naps today. Grandpa too. Not Emily.

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