Friday, August 16, 2013

Will they meet at the corner?

This joint is as tight as a tick.
(Whatever does that mean?)
We don't usually stop for garage sales, but this one seemed different. Sure enough, the dreams of a nice young couple to have a picture framing business in their basement somehow went belly up. And, as is the way of the free market, their abject loss was our gain. Cheerio! We crammed their dashed dreams into the hatchback, paid a pittance, and sped off.
Chop saw, clamps, pin nailer, Gorilla glue,
Nothing to it, right? 
That was a few years ago. The raw framing material has been stored flat in the garage, piled carefully so as not to warp. A few of the boards have been pulled out for an experiment or project here and there, but today the first big-time picture-framing challenge was presented to the would-be picture framer. The assignment? Put a 3 foot by 4 foot border around Cousin Larry's canvas that is suitable to the subject and doesn't look like it was lashed up by some garage rookie.
Carolyn used to frame Larry's work, but doesn't do it any more. She explained that quitting was cheaper than the cost of a divorce.
So our new painting was frameless and now we've got a job.
Kathleen will pick a color. Stan will miter the corners and insert the stretched canvas. You'll be the judge.

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Sosie in the Woods said...

Tight as a tick refers to the tick torso after gorging on your blood. They suck your blood until they appear to be about to pop and then they suck more. Tight.