Sunday, September 15, 2013

Canterbury Brain Trust unmoved by end of live racing

Kathleen with her classmate, Bob Lund, and old
St. Paul family friend, Don Kieger
There they were this morning, right where we left them last time, at the big round table in the Race Book penthouse; the table is permanently labeled "Reserved for Don Kieger."
Most of the Canterbury Brain Trust doesn't really care that the live racing season has ended. That's mostly for amateurs anyway, they say. But our old family friend Don says he will miss all the racing fans coming out to the track, because the ladies always dress so nice. Whatever. Their third floor office at Canterbury Park opened at its usual time this morning, where every day there are countless problems to solve, so many details to work out, so much to do.
By the way, please notice that Don has lost a lot of weight. Despite this, he grumbles that he still doesn't feel much better, he's going to die anyway. This morning he treated himself to a complimentary powdered donut (he says his diet allows him one per week) and then submitted what is sure to be the winning choices in a "Pick Six" at some far-away track in simulcast land.
So for now, don't worry about Don. He's still All In.
An opinion on everything
can be found at this table. Just don't bet on it.
Continued good luck to him and all the Learned Gentlemen of the Race Book.

Kathleen's Perfect Pick 
winners for today:

Green Bay
Kansas City
$2000 pot for perfection

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