Saturday, September 14, 2013

Evon & Pat! Over here! Over here! Surprise! Surprise!

There's no dog, Evon. Just friends and family hiding in the pavilion.
That's Evon's future son-in-law in the background.
It's Pat and Evon Minelli's 30th wedding anniversary and they were told to come down to Sand Point Beach on nearby Prior Lake right away to help hunt for a dog.
There was no lost dog but there were dozens of friends and relatives gathered in the pavilion, invited by the couple's children, Matt and Ali, who tricked their parents into coming. The couple was absolutely taken by surprise.
Pat and Evon hail from "Da Range," and of course there were plenty of Iron Rangers joining them at the celebration, and lots and lots of food too. (Italians, you know) Alan Phillips set the mood with live music (he had new strings on his guitar and mandolin). The couple thanked everyone and then re-enacted their wedding cake-cutting for the cameras.
Stan hired Pat in 1987 to be the editor of the Shakopee Valley News. Pat's still there and, though Stan is retired, they continue to be good friends. Pat reads this blog regularly (signing his comments as "The Ranger") and was pleased to meet Emily. "I know all about you," he smiled. "I am so glad to meet you."
For her part, Emily politely congratulated the couple and then asked if she could have a piece of cake with that big orange flower on it.
Evon and Pat with their children, Matt and Ali.

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