Friday, September 20, 2013

Red Wing connection

Chocoholics on Kell Avenue were excited to learn that a prized shipment from the Red Wing Confectionary would be dead dropped at the Crave restaurant in Edina today. True to their word, our suppliers, Larry and Carolyn Veeder, arrived as promised and we immediately secured the stash in a plain brown shopping bag: handmade Turtles and Sea Salt Caramels -- two boxes in dark chocolate, one in milk chocolate, were swiftly tucked away.
That connection complete, there was ample time for a leisurely chat over lunch.
Under old business, we learned more about the mansion Larry sketched years ago. Cindy from Worthington had recently purchased one of the old prints and was curious about it. She tracked the artist down through this blog, you read about it here. Anyway, it turns out that the mansion is on Third Street in Red Wing, is sitll occupied and Larry drew it so long ago he has no idea when he did it. They've now responded by email to Cindy, so she's up to date too. She said she'd like to see the building some day just for fun. Sounds like a road trip to Red Wing! Fall colors anyone?
Blue Buttes photo by Marty Kuefler on Flikr.
Can't wait to see Larry's rendition.
Under new business, Larry has completed a painting of the famed Blue Buttes near Keene, North Dakota. The custom painting was ordered last month by his cousin Harold and Marilyn Rolfsrud, who have farmed near the Buttes for decades. Larry grew up in the neighborhood, so is quite familiar with the subject. Larry, Harold and Stan's grandparents, Nils and Rebecca Rolfsrud, homesteaded the land in 1904. The landscape painting will be personally delivered soon, an instant heirloom, if that's possible.
The handmade chocolate samples were well-received later today at Kell Avenue, with Benita and Curt getting first dibs, while Mom, tuckered from exercises earlier today, napped in a nearby chair.
You snooze, you lose, Mom.

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