Thursday, September 19, 2013

Simple, somber sweetness from Steve's Studio

The composer, at left, with Cousins Marcy and Jennifer.
The newest music to emerge from the 10th Floor Studio in the Midtown Lofts surprised us with its mellow tone and pensive phrasing. You gotta hear it.
Our nephew, Steve Letnes, just released "The Long Goodbye," a poignant and wistful melding of piano and cello that sets a sweet mood evoking thoughts of vulnerability, never-forgotten love, regrets and a road not taken. To us, anyway. 
One listener wondered publicly as to whether Steve's Uncle Virg or his Uncle Stephen had been volunteered to supply the cello lines. No, neither one had, the composer has assured us. The cello you hear is a software creation, a very reliable source of musical magic. No help was needed from anyone outside his tightly-wired closet studio to create the simple, yet magnificent opus. 
This comes as a relief to all of us, certainly to his uncles, who put down their cellos long ago to take up other pursuits. Now press "Play" and enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Heartwrenching. Would make a good song for a movie ending where someone..........doesn't make it. Or makes it, and moves on.........