Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Do we need one of these?

Matt kindly loaned us his Ford pickup and was interested in our impressions. He's planning on getting a new one this
spring and we've floated the idea of buying a matched pair.
The test drive of the pickup went well. We did not test drive the tractor.
We've long entertained the notion that a man needs a truck. We gave the concept a test spin this morning, borrowing a loaded pickup from that long-time man's man, Matt Drees.
Matt was mowing his lawn, trying to beat a naughty drizzle that threatened to set back his plans to head to Canada for some fishing and logging with other men.
He quickly gave Stan and Katie the keys to his 2011 Ford F-150 4x4, an iconic man's vehicle if there ever was one, and the perfect starting point for the truck novice trying to decide. Stan has driven numerous farm trucks, SUVs, vans and other heavy equipment. . . but Matt's truck definitely was not like any of that.
Katie was pleasantly surprised when a convenient step silently emerged from the truck body to welcome her aboard. Matt's got all the goodies in his top-end machine, claims he doesn't or can't use most of them, but that's beside the point, isn't it?
We checked out the appointments and details, noticed there was even more headroom for Stan and plenty of space for a kennel and trip luggage in the back seat and then we fired up the big engine.
Deb greeted us at the front desk.
She noticed.
We made up an errand, heading the big bruiser out to Savage to find out for Matt when the Open House would be at the newspaper office. A rumor of a pig roast has circulated and Matt didn't want to miss out while cutting wood Up North.
Our classic pickup was noticed in the newspaper parking lot as an unusual conveyance for the retired publisher, but thankfully no one there had time to remark on an old man desperately trying to regain his youth. . . but then we didn't stick around that long.
The ride back to Matt's on the freeway was remarkably stable, the wide and long wheel-base giving the pleasant sensation of smooth sailing. We quickly passed a couple of slower vehicles, looking down at their rooftops as we accelerated past.
You begin to see the attraction.
We shared impressions with our sponsor, still not convinced of the logic of acquiring this popular and expensive transportation mode. Matt could only snort a bit, laying no claims to making exclusively sensible decisions and ever pleased to encourage Stan in any foolishness or flirtation that would keep him happy in his dotage. So be it.
Meanwhile, Katie will stick to her bug.

The step was a nice surprise.


Anonymous said...

Sticking with her Bug? Has she heard from Volkswagen headquarters about her emissions control? Could it be possible that the big honest pickup is better for the environment than the bug? Ammunition for your side, Stan!! Maybe you will even find out that it is actually better on the mileage, too!

Sosie said...

My guys sure enjoyed this entry; they have discussed a truck purchase for years. It is so important and must be just right, all boxes ticked. Meanwhile, my Toyota van suffices for their needs, though they oft mention how wrong it is. Still, the perfect truck does not materialize, and I suspect they'd miss the anticipation more than relish a purchase.