Thursday, September 24, 2015


Hoi and his driver.

This photograph had to be a selfie, because there was not another soul available anywhere on the golf course to take it. It rained all day, pausing only briefly once or twice this afternoon, keeping the sane and the intelligent indoors, perhaps watching the pope. The foolish, above, are in possession of a game not adversely affected by rain, wind, snow or gloom of night so the solitary pair merrily splashed through 18 holes in under three hours, managing to stay just dry enough to have a good time. Hoi kept his brand new golf shoes out of the puddles as best he could.
Drizzle, clouds, rain drops were simply ignored. Thankfully, there was no thunderstorm today. Last week the pair unceremoniously scrambled to escape lightning strikes suddenly crashing about, scaring the bejesus out of them as they frantically urged their sluggish old golf cart to its limit, finally reaching suitable cover.
Hoi forgot golf shoes today, arriving in sandals. He bought a pair of Footjoys and reported dry feet at the end of his round.


Anonymous said...

Happy 35th Anniversary, Stan and Kathleen!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Sue.