Saturday, September 26, 2015


Of course she has a wig, but why would she wear it and risk losing membership in the elite baldies club?
Kate's been a great help and
friend to Jennifer.
We met Jennifer and her pals at the Farmer's Market near 50th and France today to catch up and see the new do. We sampled her friend Kate's goat cheeses, (photo at right) bought a round of homemade popsicles, selected some granola, spinach, carrots, and free range eggs then posed for the group shot below.
Jennifer was in good spirits today, she's bravely facing a new round of chemo and her support team is in rally mode.
She sent along this photo and note about her barber, Phil:
Here's Phil who did the honors. ;)
He's been in business on the corner of Nicollet and Diamond Lake Pkwy for 47 years. He started at that location as an apprentice, then stayed to work there, then bought the place and has been there ever since. He says he's done a lot of these haircuts. Unfortunately.
Nice guy.


Thanks to all who have sent along best wishes to our courageous one. She continues in her difficult regimen with optimism and resolve. We're grateful for her spirit as she faces these challenges.

From left, Stan, Christina, Katie, Tasha, Jen, Alex, Gabby. Willie had to wait in the car.
No dogs allowed in the Farmer's Market. :(

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Best wishes, Jennifer!

Pat and Evon Minelli