Saturday, November 14, 2015

Dog kept her out of Paris

Checked with old friend Mary Scarvalone in France last night. Originally from New York, schooled at Sotheby's in London, she moved to Antibes to work as an independent art consultant at the Art Arena. She's fine. Here's her response and observation:

Hi Stan…I'm still in Antibes, on the Riviera. But I go to Paris often, for work, and was supposed to be there this week…but my dog was sick so I didn't go.
Receiving news from friends in Paris. One friend lives just around the corner from Bataclan and said that he could hear the shooting and grenades from his home. Another friend spent the night in an office building because she wasn't able to get home. The irony is that I expected to be in Paris this week, but then my plans changed.

I'm so thankful that my friends are safe, but heartsick to think of the many lives lost -- mostly young lives, too.

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