Saturday, November 14, 2015


We lost touch with Maynard; he was in Sosie's grade at the one-room schoolhouse south of Alexandria. He was among the first ones chosen for a schoolyard team game of pom pom pull away or the like, but not the first. Now we see that he's built a house on a lake not that many miles away, Red Rock. According to his Facebook page, he enjoys fishing and the quiet outdoors, which fits with our memories of Edward's little brother. We never thought of Maynard as a warrior, though he ably flew this chopper on numerous missions in Vietnam and has a chest of medals from that era.


Sosie said...

Yes, Maynard and I were classmates every day for six years. Along with Donovan, Rodney, and Brian. Kathy Roth went to "town school" after third grade. No girls on my class or the class behind. Recess was boring.

Anonymous said...

Can you find out something about his Vietnam unit and what time period her was there?
Tom Story