Tuesday, December 22, 2015

And 7 Deadly Zins

We're giving a holiday party tonight, and though she's no wine drinker, Katie drew the job of picking up a half dozen bottles of red wine that guests might like, you know, merlots, pinots noir and zinfandels. Since she's no expert and has no favorites, if the sommelier isn't handy, she just goes by interesting names. So tonight we have a nice 2013 Velvet Devil merlot, a 2009 Barrel Aged Toasted Head pinot noir as well as a lovely Angeline. Then there's the surefire 2012 merlot with the promise "Murphy Goode."
Guests start to arrive at 6:30. Time for Katie's picks to breathe.


Sosie said...

Murphy-Goode has produced great wine for over thirty years. The current M-G winemaker, David Ready, Jr, grew up around Minneapolis and sometimes wears a Vikings helmet around the grapes and casks. Had Kathy been looking for white wine, she surely would have selected the M-G Minnesota Cuvée Chardonnay for its worthy label. The label explains that the white oak for the barrels comes from near Caledonia, MN, where the "frigid Minnesota temperatures" make wood with a very fine grain. Further, these, "very same frigid temperatures gave our winemaker the idea to move to California." I can identify with a label like that.

Becky Jerdee said...

Let us know how the Underwood label goes...to see if the Underwoods want to stock up.