Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Our Neighborhood Christmas Party

Our December Calendar
For the record, the guests loved Katie's wine choices. . .
We had a nice turnout last night; 16 neighbors gathered for a Christmas event and stayed for laughter and good times. That's the happy part.
Meanwhile, Birdie was upstairs examining the host gifts left on the dining room table. Cleverly using a combination of chairs, she apparently mounted the table unseen and worked through an entire box of Russell Stover candies. As you know, chocolate is toxic to dogs.
By the time we discovered the accident, Birdie was well into a purging cycle, keeping Kathleen (Birdie's preferred nurse) up all night.
The vet cleared her today, pumping some water under her skin for extra hydration. She's running about again, looking to find other Christmas goodies.

By the time we got the camera out, Lee and Tami and Lisa had left. These folks made it well past bedtimes.

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Anonymous said...

Glad your party was good. I would say "that's why I don't have a dog--they eat so many foolish things" but our cat has a plastic bag addiction which is equally harmful. There are times when we've accidentally left a bag on the counter, only to see holes chewed in it and a cat with no appetite for a day. Lucky so far.
Hope Birdie is back in shape.